At Jurassic Journey, you’ll have the opportunity to investigate a wealth of rawrs, fossils, and dino-related exhibits.

Children who are obsessed with dinosaurs will enjoy this journey through time that simulates prehistoric life. The animatronic dinosaurs are the most notable aspects of the attraction because they will loom large over visitors and may even convince some people that they are real. If you follow the Jurassic timeline, you will be able to see the T-rex and Stegosaurus’s lives play out in front of your very eyes. Explore the Dino-Dig, search for fossils, and even get your hands on some real dinosaur poop!

Little explorers are needed to assist Professor PossilFossil in solving the mystery surrounding the most recent discovery of dinosaurs. The professor is waiting for your arrival. Participating in the pursuit of prime evil or even just having some fun in the activity area can earn enthusiastic scientists membership in the D-tec lab. Because there is so much to do, it will be challenging to choose what to look at first; however, you must take care not to overlook anything! The trip should be capped off with a stop at the incredibly hip gift shop, where you can pick up a rawr-tastic souvenir.

Explore the location on foot.
Exhibit that invites interaction
Animatronic dinosaurs

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