Incredible thrill rides based on various aspects of wildlife.

Your tickets to Busch Gardens allow you to get within a hair’s breadth of some of the world’s most endangered animals, feel the energy they exude, and inhabit their world while riding some of the most extreme rides in Florida. Be wary, you daring explorers! An ancient Egyptian curse has been reawakened in the park; as a member of the family, are you able to maintain your composure? You lose all sense of direction as a result of Cobra’s Curse?

Our guide to Busch Gardens® Tickets

Busch Gardens is home to some of the most extreme rides in the state of Florida. At this 335-acre theme park, you can get within a hair’s breadth of some of the rarest animals in the world and live as if you were a part of their natural habitat. You can trek, plunge, chase, and spin on a variety of rides and attractions that will give you the chills. When you buy tickets to Busch Gardens, you can get as close to the animals as you dare.

Attractions That You Should Not Miss

TigrisTM is the tallest launch coaster in Florida, and it was inspired by the ferocious yet nimble tiger. This ride features an exhilarating triple launch, as well as a 150-foot skyward surge. Get ready to be propelled through twists, daring drops, a skyward surge that is 150 feet high, and an exciting inverted heartline roll!
With the addition of the new ride, Cobra’s Curse®, Busch Gardens takes thrills for the whole family to a whole new level! The riders of this one-of-a-kind family spin coaster are whisked away on a whirlwind of fun and excitement as they investigate a mysterious Egyptian archaeological dig as they travel around the track. After ascending in a vertical lift that works just like an elevator, riders will be confronted by a snake icon that is eighty feet in length before continuing their journey across the Serengeti Plain.
Iron Gwazi will open for business in March of 2022: In layman’s terms, the Iron Gwazi will be a monstrous roller coaster that will set new records for height, speed, and inclines across the globe. It will be the tallest hybrid coaster in North America. Iron Gwazi is the fastest ride in Florida, with a top speed of 76 miles per hour, 12 air-time features, and three full inversions. It reaches a full height of 206 feet, and it drops riders at a 91-degree angle.

Exhilarating Rides

Falcon’s FuryTM is the tallest freestanding drop tower in North America, and it will take your adrenaline rush to new heights. After ascending to a great height above the park, transition into a face-down dive position while in midair. In the next split second, you’ll find yourself hurtling toward the ground at a speed of sixty miles per hour while experiencing a force of three and a half times your normal acceleration.
Visit the long-lost land of Cheetah Run, where you can ride the thrilling Cheetah Hunt roller coaster and experience the unparalleled speed and dexterity of the world’s swiftest land animal, the cheetah. This thrilling launch coaster climbs high above the African landscape and shoots through the plains of the Serengeti, imitating the movement and spirit of a hunting cheetah along the way.

Feeling brave? SheiKra® will lift you up to an altitude of 200 feet before hurling you straight down at an angle of 90 degrees at speeds of up to 70 miles per hour!
Then there is Montu®, which is exclusive to Busch Gardens and is one of the tallest and longest inverted roller coasters in the world. It has loops, drops, and can reach speeds of over 60 miles per hour, all while your feet are dangling freely below you.

Enjoying Time Together as a Family

Visit Jungala® for up-close animal encounters. This theme park is home to some of the world’s most endangered animals, including Bengal tigers and orang-utans, in addition to two rides that have become the park’s signature attractions: the Jungle Flyers and the Tree Top Trails.
You should try Edge of Africa®, which is the safari experience that is the most intense outside of Africa. You will find lions, hippos, hyenas, meerkats, lemurs, and giraffes while you are trekking through a remote safari encampment.
An open-air truck will take you on a tour of the Serengeti Plain, which spans 65 acres, during the Serengeti Safari. Embark on an African journey! (additional fees apply)

Fun for Kids

The Safari of Fun from Sesame Street® – Rides, shows, and colourful play areas designed specifically for children will feature Elmo, Big Bird, and all of their other friends.
On Congo River Rapids®, you will be able to do things like spin through water jets, plunge past towering waterfalls, and go through a mysterious water cave. Expect to get wet!
When you purchase tickets to Busch Gardens, you will have access to all of the amazing attractions listed above, in addition to many others located within the park. To view an exhaustive list of attractions in the Tampa Bay area, select the “rides” tab.

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